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AI Accelerator Bundle

The Best Machine Learning Starter Platform in the Business

We've teamed up with our partner ePlus to deliver the AI Accelerator Bundle. You'll get a single NVIDIA DGX-A100 with Kubeflow pre-installed so that your data teams can quickly train machine learning models with the self-provisioning user interface. The bundle also includes 40 hours of user training and onboard with our best practices to accelerate your data science journey. The bundle also includes examples of notebooks and workflows to accelerate new users.

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Would you like to understand how to save 85% on your Cloud GPU bill? Download our free eBook report on the cost of the AI Accelerator Bundle vs the same GPU resources on a public cloud.

Realize Line of Business Value Sooner

Our AI Accelerator Bundle makes it easier than ever to onboard new data scientists and get them building high-end machine learning models on GPUs with Kubelfow.

The NVIDIA DGX-A100 is the world's most popular AI appliance and offers unmatched performance. Couple the DGX-A100 with a pre-installed Kubeflow platform and your team will be ready to launch AI projects on a turnkey system. This system will be enterprise-grade from day one and offer the multi-tenant flexibility that a new data science team requires.

Let Our Best Practices Help You Move to Production Faster

Your team will also have access to 40 hours of data science and data engineering help to get you going. Additionally, we provide onboarding support and machine learning workflow best practices from the Patterson Consulting team of experts. Our team has helped create open source deep learning libraries and written two books on the data science space. This uniquely positions us to help accelerate your AI journey.

Once your team has outgrown the AI Accelerator Bundle, we can easily migrate your team to a full scale-out Kubeflow cluster with identity management and security fully integrated with your corporate IT systems with our MLOps best practices.

The Fastest Way to Industrialize Your MLOps Platform with Kubeflow

Industrial-class MLOps platforms require you to integrate machine learning workflows within an approach that is managable by IT. Kubeflow allows you to efficiently operate multiple machine learning workflows in a multi-tenant environment that maximizes resource sharing (e.g., "GPUs"). Your data science team can focus on building models while IT can focus on managing users, experiments, workflows, datasets, and deployed models in the most efficient way possible.

Contact Us to Kick-Start Your AI Operations Today

For more information on how we can help your organization, reach out to Patterson Consulting and we can work together on getting your team into production on Kubeflow and the DGX-A100 with an AI Accelerator Bundle.

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