Patterson Consulting provides comprehensive services for machine learning and data analytics in production for Fortune 500 companies.

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Accelerate Your Data Science Team with the AI Accelerator Bundle

We've teamed up with our partner ePlus to deliver the AI Accelerator Bundle. You'll get a single NVIDIA DGX-A100 with Kubeflow pre-installed so that your data teams can quickly being training machine learning models. The package also includes 40 hours of consulting. Additionally the package includes user training classes and onboarding with our best practices to accelerate your data science journey.

Focus on Results with Our Managed Kubeflow Operations

Our Managed Kubeflow Platform offering helps organizations to scale-out Kubeflow across multiple nodes or DGX-A100s. We do a full identity-integration (e.g., Active Directory, Kerberos) and customize any security requirements. Then we use our best practices to rapidly onboard new user to accelerate their machine learning workflow production. Finally, you'll enjoy a managed platform without having to worry about scare MLOps talent, downtime, or a patching schedule.

MLOps Questions?

Are you looking for a comparison of different MLOps platforms? Or maybe you just want to discuss the pros and cons of operating a ML platform on the cloud vs on-premise? Sign up for our free MLOps Briefing -- its completely free and you can bring your own questions or set the agenda.