• Next Generation Applications

    From Apache Hadoop, to Apache Spark, to complex ETL pipelines, and bleeding edge deep learning integration, Patterson Consulting can help your organization build out the most advanced applications.

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  • Computer Vision Applications

    The Patterson Consulting team can integrate next generation methods such as object detection, scene captioning, and reading text in the wild into your custom applications.

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  • Advanced Sensor Applications

    The Patterson Consulting team can integrate custom sensor deep learning models into your application or pipeline.

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  • Next generation applications are hard.

    Patterson Consulting helps you put the right people in the right place.

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CEO Josh Patterson brings his unique perspective blending a decade of big data experience and wide-ranging deep learning experience to Fortune 500 Projects. The Patterson Consulting team is able to take on delivery, integration, and support of multi-faceted projects that include data ingest, ETL, modeling, and application integration. Patterson Consulting specializes in computer vision and sensor applications but also can handle data pipeline integration and use case discovery projects.